Sunday, January 9, 2011

Write A Reconsideration Letter

Left or right?

I am a true left-handed
like my dad, although he was upset at school
Boo, forbidden to write with hand of the devil!

As my sister, and as my son
is a hereditary

I write with the left hand
And yes, I tend to stick to what I just wrote, and all dirty at the same time!
And even at school, I wrote well with my left hand, which surprised him, it must be said, right-handers, since it is commonly accepted that the left are good at drawing legs of flies. Unfortunately, I admit that this is no longer the case. As the years passed, including college years where he had to take a maximum of notes as quickly as possible, have changed my writing, and hieroglyphics appear regularly in my writing when I do not make the effort to write with application.

I eat with the left hand

I brush my teeth hand
left his right hand, I tried, but I'm really too awkward!

J'embĂȘte entire world systematically placing the mouse on the left side of the computer
I will still not switch the buttons to right click / left click!

But I do not do everything with my left hand instinctively

I shoot a ball of right foot
Not very useful in everyday life, I know. In tennis, I can even do a forehand right hand as his left hand, is super convenient! Unfortunately, my accouintance with the sport goes. Although left-handed, I am not good at all in this area. A kind of exception to the rule might say ... Except in swimming when I shine a little when I was little, but I never wanted to be competitive.
Rrrr, I could be the Manaudou of the 90s!

I cut the right hand
must say that the left hand cut with scissors right-handed ", it is mission impossible

I knit and crochet as a rightist
All explanations are designed to of right-handed, and when I started to learn knitting and crocheting, it seemed more complicated to have to reverse everything systematically.

short, I adapted - in brilliant left-handed than I am - in a world dominated by 90% right-handed!
With the feeling of still being part of a rare hope ... like ...
Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, Annie Lennox, Laura Flessel, to mention only women.
Because yes, women are even rarer left-handed men left!

I remember being younger, have regularly aroused the curiosity of my classmates. Some were wondering, and frankly, how it was possible to get to write with his left hand.
I think, come on, yes, we can say the left are beings apart!
clever, instinctive, with very strong coping skills and physical abilities above average ... apart from me who am an exception, you guessed it!
Joking aside, it is still surprising that the population is not evenly distributed between left and right handed, right? This is not a question of culture, education or because of genetics throughout the world, the ratio of 1 to 10 is constant.
If you think about it, the human body is asymmetrical. The left heart, liver, right, so why the brain should be symmetrical?
In the left hemisphere of our brain is the command of language. We know that this function is critical in the development of the human, which would be more inclined to stimulate the brain area and would thereby much more predisposed to be good with the straight parts of his body.
Seems like logical explanation, but we are in a field where nothing is proved.

If you're interested, you'll find plenty of informative and entertaining information on this site:
particular, a verified list of famous left-known and recognized by

Here, out of curiosity. ..
you are left (AD) or right (AD)?
And if so, you are left homogeneous or partial *?

* for simplicity, we speak of homogeneous left-handed when a person does everything with the left side of his body (from head to foot), and hand opposition, it is called partial left when lateralization ; is crossed and it uses the straight parts of his body for certain functions. Like me anything!


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