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Reasons For Soft High Cervix With Backache?

Pearltrees: organization of a library open

Pearltrees is a very visual tool sophisticated but free edition (or even proxy) to organize content in clusters of data, depending on a particular theme. These clusters of data, called beads, come to form a tree (the theme), hence the name "tree of pearls" or Pearltrees .

The Trustee content is seeking a publisher, filters, organizes and presents information according to expectations and contexts. (If you are unfamiliar with this term, see my post about it here ). The attorney content is primarily qualitative objectives, strategic and social. Pearltrees makes this special treatment of information.

To see what it is, here are my beads organized according to one of my favorite themes entitled Curator content. Click on image to enlarge.

We note that as user Pearltrees , my thematic content Trustee "as my avatar at the center are placed in a pearl larger than the others. Periphery, there are various smaller beads or web resources (blogs, articles, reviews, etc.). I sorted and that I consider relevant. It includes also pearltrees other users with whom I share an affinity for the subject matter.

Thus, the bottom of my avatar on the left, we find the Pearltree (and the avatar) of Patrice Lamothe entitled "Curation Content" as well as that of Francis Rocaboy (his avatar is a banana) entitled simply " Curation." Note that Lamothe and Rocaboy respectively CEO and Director of Marketing for Start-Up French.

Here another of my pearltrees created following the Wikileaks case in December 2010:

Note to the right of the screen my 16 beads connected to the Wikileaks case (I could add other since ...). On the left, this is my profile that contains data about my Pearltree : number of beads, views, comments and taken etc..

A decision is when someone else picks one of my beads to enrich its own tree ... pearls.

An example of notification of decision-pearl. I receive this message by email.

Notice the blue puzzle piece - at the bottom of my picture / avatar of the second image from the top - with the words Teaming . Since mid-December 2010, Pearltrees allow via Twitter , Facebook or email, invite friends or customers to partner in developing a Pearltree . This feature collaborative work remains one of the most interesting and opens the way for the construction of a proxy several real-time.

Here is a sample invitation via Twitter:

course, the tool lets take a look at one of the pearls selected (by mouse-over ). Below is a note from Clay Shirky part of my beads.

Each of the beads can also be annotated or discussed in order to offer more Background to curation .

There will therefore be understood that the ambition of Pearltrees is to provide, among other things, a web organized by the human mind, or even entire aisles devoted to particular themes: the blue period of Picasso, French cinema of the early 20th century, various forms of meditation, quantum physics, etc.. Sky's the limit! We can organize the Web in a large personal library (consisting of Pearltrees ) in which the rays (and thematic issues) can be enriched and shared.

How to develop trees with pearls?

can do this in several ways:

Since the application itself ...

From the account of someone else when you're in search mode (you must be logged in), one need only "take" a pearl (or several) and put in the basket ... then to replace it in its own tree ...

From widget ( bookmarklet ) integrated into the browser (one of the best solutions) ...

The first (among the blue buttons from left to right) adds a pearl in a topic already open (during a work session Pearltrees ), the second selects exactly where we want to put the pearl (following a chance discovery, for example) and the last to open his account.

The internal search engine to Pearltrees provides access to other users of pearls, pearl affinities, but it goes without saying that exhaustive search must appeal to a multitude of engines and directories. Moreover, Pearltrees mark a return to the human organization of research and sorting, a bit like Yahoo! did in its infancy.

There are now so many information, particularly because the phenomenon of user-generated content (UGC ), he must now rely on the quality of information rather than just quantity. That's what the curators of content: provide relevant information at the right time, right people and depending on variables and particular contexts.

Pearltrees: a tool for the general public?

Because he must first tame the map interface (which I've been doing for nearly a month) that do not rely on a traditional format list, alphabetically or Timeline , Pearltrees is not for the impatient or people in a hurry. The learning curve is still pretty steep and it takes time to understand the basic functions and modus operandi . It will appeal against by researchers, cybrarian , analysts and the watchers who want to take the trouble to understand a very sophisticated social tool attorney.

I suggest you at least try to Pearltrees and give you time to understand the basics, especially if you understand the usefulness of the proxy of content. Furthermore, I only present the basic features of the tool. There are others and programmers planchent probably on the enhancement of the interface and functions. A version for iPad would also scheduled for 2011 ...

To access my Pealrtrees :

Finally, I thank Francis Rocaboy who was kind enough to grant me an interview in late November 2010.

Additional information

Pearltrees in Wikipedia

Pearltrees (TechCrunch Disrupt)

The era of "curators" have it off?

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year 2011!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rabbit Died Before Surgery

Who will be the most beautiful to go dancing ...

What talk right now?
My brain has been somewhat dormant during the truce at the end of the year and I lack inspiration.
I'm good to finish The man who wanted to live his life Douglas Kennedy - which was recently shot a film with Romain Duris - but I was pretty disappointed my expectation was so great to this author. The plot is very slow fall into place, which does not discourage me in my reading, but it does not seem to be a strong point for the book. As at the end ... Resurrection 2 / return, originality hello! As I am sure not to have read his best book, I will persist in the discovery of the author and I'll talk so timely.

Well, it's not everything, but I still do not know what am I going to talk to you.

Houuuu, but I almost forgot! Tomorrow is Wednesday, the day look at Zaza, who is back among us since his little Jajaja pointed his nose. And today, is Tuesday, the eve of Wednesday, so, extrapolating (I wanted to place it there one day) , it is accepted that I present to you a shoot in my en-suite bathroom.
I warn you right away, no new discovery to present to you, pending further rings - niak, niak, niak!
But last week, failing to work my brain to the development of new posts, I work my mimine: I jeweled the family.
So here are my small home-made gifts to me ...

discrete butterfly necklaces for mommy ...

And something more original for a young, sister, auntie and sister-in still in the wind ...

The following two necklaces, I have not offered, not really convinced that it had targeted the tastes of people.

the fauuute Ohhh! But how could I forget my orange varnish??
is the photo to your style Zaza!

So for those who have done me the honor to follow this post until the end, I propose a little hidden game that has nothing to do with a game since I will draw out two names from the comments left on this post.
You just tell me what collar you prefer:
the bird and the feather (the smallest)
the 3 leaf to piaf link (the largest)

note, I leave it until tomorrow, Wednesday, noon to play.
That leaves me time post small parcels tomorrow afternoon - if the "winners" are quick to let me address them - and perhaps you will receive the necklace by Friday, just to be the most beautiful to go dancing! (no, my title is not far-fetched, but I was warned that I was not inspired right now ...)

And if you held so far, take the opportunity to go take a look at the new kids here. There is a small white rabbit winged butterfly and I particularly like!

Edict of 29/12/10: more worth playing, the time has passed and designated the random comment and Miss Toutouille as Anne Laure T!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Free-yamaha Psr Tabla Styles

4 years ago ...

... at 10am, my little Jesus was born to me ...

I wanted to do it on purpose, I would have never happened.
This birth was planned for February. There was no reason to think we'd have a baby at Christmas.
life decided otherwise.
Like its big sister, little man pointed his nose 2 months before.
A small passage neonat ', but not need an incubator.

The first few days, it really was a little old head!

4 years later, it's a real little clown ever performance!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Can You Take Creatine With Superpump 250

Final preparations ... Give

An afternoon spent Bijout for tomorrow ...

A good time to pack ...

Smaller is, the more they **** ch!
tissue paper, masking tape and string baker's twine, just the packaging-it!

And two pairs of booties deposited under the tree, and a plate of sweets for the old man resumes forces ...

We book the best Christmas chocolates, we found a trick: the Lindor, not affecting children is for Santa! And small chocolate hearts Cémoi too!

Good Eve
those who do
and tomorrow, in advance,
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Navman 570 Reinstall Software

, that can save

was always good, right or wrong reasons, not to go donate blood. Among the most recurrent:
- I can not stand needles and the sight of blood (even turning a blind eye and a deep breath?).
- I can not go there because I work (could be a good reason but there are ways to get out an hour, especially during the lunch break).
- And what do I do for children during that time?
- I do not know when and especially where to go.

For my part, I started giving my blood when I was 18, "brigaded" by my parents for whom it was a natural to make this gesture of generosity. I remember once given to college in Lyon, once at the Hospital of the Hotel-Dieu and again at the Stade Gerland. Then nothing for years.
Why? I left Lyon for a more rustic area shall we say, where the collections were less visible and less frequent. And when I happened to see a sign announcing the arrival of a branch of the EFS (French Blood Establishment the bulk collection agency, which monopoly of blood collection in France, which has branches in all regions), it fell all the time when I worked (false reason I think).

If you live in a medium or large city, the ETS always comes near you.
Then I was pregnant, and in this case, forbidden to donate blood. And until 6 months after childbirth.

Back on "my land" in Vienna four years ago, I regularly saw the placards on the door of my bakery, and I I said whenever I liked to give my blood, but no luck, it fell all the time on a day when my gardener was working. So I was "stuck" with the children.
And then after a while, I ended up not even paying attention to these small posters on the door traders. Anyway, in my neighborhood, there is no systematic collection each. Serious mistake by the way.

But this summer, a placard was back in my baking, announcing an upcoming gathering in September. I thought the children would be at school and as I was not working, I had no reason not to mark that date on my calendar. Appointment was made. Since

, so I started to give blood regularly. The truck passes HTA every two months in my hometown, which is the minimum time that must elapse between two donations. As I have a work schedule flexible enough, I always find a way to go. People who work the day can go during their lunch break because the room where the collection takes place remains open continuously.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to be fasting to donate blood. In contrast, it is strongly advised to eat properly before and stay hydrated so as to prevent any discomfort.
Women can give blood up to 4 times in one calendar year, men, 6 times. It takes between 400 and 500 ml, depending on the blood volume of the person. The levy is
position bedridden or semi-sitting position. It varies depending on location.

Each time, he must complete a medical questionnaire and pass a doctor (well done quickly) to strip this questionnaire. If it does not contrindication donation, we go for the bite! So
the cozy are asked to take them on because yes, the needle in your arm and see the blood slowly fill the plastic bag, but it can seriously upset, just turn your head, right?
It takes an average of fifteen minutes, perhaps twenty minutes for the pouch is filled. Everything depends on the flow of your blood. I know that for me is a bit slow and I'm also "pumped" actively on the small ball-shaped heart that I hold in the palm of my hand to activate the blood flow.
Once emptied his pint, you are entitled to a magnificent dressing-tourniquet around the arm, which will cut the flow of much blood. I do not understand ever why it is necessary as we dicked! It hurts the arm damn! (Hey, hey it's a detail, do not take it for a good reason not to go give blood!).

A must also post at the graduation gift, just to rehydrate and regain strength slowly.

aware that other blood donations are possible. Usually when people talk about "blood donation", speaks of "whole blood" (including red cells, platelets and plasma).
is the most widespread because it is faster to perform. Subject over time, it can also give alternatively its plasma or platelets, eg between two donations of whole blood.

For different kinds of gifts available, click HERE

So do not wait to have one day need to realize that giving blood - and give in general - is essential. Afterwards, it will be too late to do so because a person has transfused more right to donate blood.
is truly one of the nicest thing we can do that will cost you nothing, except a little of your time.
What is more beautiful than to say that it may have helped save a life? I remember

that blood donation is an act totally free. Do not expect to be compensated as for certain drug trials. It is quite another.

.......................... ........
To know where and when to give:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How To Make A Letter Of Complete Volunteer Hours

Sweet Bestiary

Flor Panichella is Argentine, based in London for some years. Having been a journalist, archivist, teacher, she finally decided to let him live his desires and his art. With
Sweet Bestiary she gives birth to sweet and magical characters that seem straight out of a fairy. His technique is
work and sculpture of a clay paste that dries in the open air, then covered it with acrylic paint and several layers of matte varnish.

I particularly like the pins.

Pin Real Bunny my favorite

The little vixen is Miss Fox
the first model pin made by Flor
and one of the most beautiful I find

But his world is also full of small figurines, dolls and heads to hang on the walls.

A French Lady and making it

And I was lucky. Flor has a few rings. Not much work for such small scale is not very comfortable thing for the eyes. She did not intend to make others, but he remained one.
And one more for my little collection!

any flaking varnish is not that great, I know,
but I was overwhelmed these days ...

Blog: Bestiary
Sweet shop: etsy Sweetbestiary we
gallery of photos: Flickr is Sweetbestiary '

.............. ......................................
Edict of 04/01/11: You can read an interview HERE Flor on Esty.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Subtitle Gakkou No Kaidan

They are not the kings of bobble ...

but they had fun!
None had additional right turn, because they have grabbed the brass ring yet regularly hopping in front of their nose.
Because in principle, the gentleman holding the string of pompom trying to make some profit, in turn, all the children doing well express the drag under their noses. Moreover, it is not a bobble, but two tassels at stake at every turn.

So for touch, that, they have touched this bobble just impossible to coordinate their ten fingers so they close at the same time on the prey!
And it was not for lack of encouraging our young colts at every turn and remind them of the need to lift the nose ...
Oh, and there are always great who are pros and bobble coming to nab the man when do not come fast enough.

short, will have to seriously work out at home if you want to cough up a little less next time because the holidays are just beginning, and we will certainly return to the ride!

Next highlight of the Christmas holidays: a session with film Rapunzel!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Saree Womens Boobs

Social Media 101: The Best Of-Michelle White

Only last weekend (December 11, 2010) I started reading my book The Social Media 101 Michelle White . I know. I'm late but some professional constraints et personnelles m'y ont tenu à l'écart... Je ne voulais pas non plus en faire une lecture trop rapide et, le cas échéant, en rédiger un compte rendu expéditif.

Pourtant, je me l'étais procuré dès son lancement, le 27 septembre dernier. En fait, je m'en suis procuré deux exemplaires, un pour moi et un autre que j'ai fait tirer sur Twitter à l'intention de mes étudiants. C'est Frédérik Nissen qui l'a remporté, un des méchants garnements des interwebs . Je savais bien, même sans l'avoir lu, que ce livre marquerait une étape charnière dans la très short history of social media in Quebec.

Let me say straight away that I personally know Michelle White for quite some time but I appreciate his posts since my first readings in 2007-2008. This period corresponds roughly to when I started looking more seriously at the phenomenon of social media. Yet it was not until early 2009 that I started blogging and I immersed myself not only in research and reading but also in testing various channels and social media applications.

What has therefore past? How could I be so far behind? I who in 1991 was getting my first email address and learned some basic code from Unix System University Lynx to use and access to Internet without pictures?

But more importantly, how could I miss the wave of social media, I who created the course REP2400 Internet and public relations in 1999 ? Why do I always gave a course on Web 1.0 in the fall of 2008 and through the closed system WebCT? Why was I put in a position Very Late Adopt ? In doubt? By perplexity? Laziness? For the comfort of a course already installed and mastered (well almost)?

I had to face facts. I participated, at the micro and personal, two-year delay in Quebec (estimated here by Michelle White) for the adoption of new technologies and social media in particular. I hope that I'm caught in 12 to 16 months and my account is now overdue by months rather than years ...

This catching, I'm, well Naturally, my awareness of this new social ecosystem-digital shake all areas of human activity. But I'm also the influence of people like Matt Moore and of course, Michelle White, not to mention all the other bloggers and analysts experienced 2.0 Quebec, France and the United States.

When I think of my reading Social Media 101, I have only one regret: that of not having started earlier. Why? Because I discovered that I was unaware of the information and food for thought which had escaped me. An example to demonstrate this: I gave my last class session on crisis management during the week of December 6, 2010. I discuss, inter alia, the case of listeriosis in Maple Leaf 2008 and I show how video on YouTube of its president signaled a new era in communications in times of crisis.

However, I forgot the "detail" keyword and the purchase by a law firm specializing in class action, the words "Listeria" and "Maple Leaf" at the height of the crisis ... (See the chapter entitled The company, the Web and social media : fear of losing control of his message ). This is especially curious since I am sensitive to this strategic element of SEO (organic but it is true nonetheless). Besides, I am referring in my course on media relations and I almost wrote a post in the comments section Michelle's own ticket on the White optimized press releases. ..

Although this book is about two miles from the tickets written since 2005, it is certainly a best-of . That is to say, a compilation of notes most enlightened and enlightening on social media and their impact on human relations, business, marketing communications (including PR), politics and journalism.

On this last point, it seems that some have not quite digested the chapter on journalism and the media. Yet to read the article by Nathalie Collard published December 13, 2010 entitled The Foreign Correspondent 2.0, where the reporter quotes extensively from a Institute study Reuters Michelle White is on target by taking the recommendations Edward Roussel absent ... The only reference in this chapter, in my opinion, and not least for his historic contribution, is Dan Gillmor and his We the Media of 2004, which I think is as important as the evidence Manifesto and The Long Tail . But that, it is discussed ...

The Social Media 101 is not a "How to ... " but rather "Why be ... . Without denigrating the importance of how and means to do so, I believe that stage where we are, and in a purely educational perspective, the why remains more relevant than how . And in this respect, the book Michelle White admirably achieved the target.

Since the winter semester 2010, I require my students to create a personal blog. This activity accounts for 50% of the final grade, which meant the importance I give.

Will I surprise you if I say that only 10% and in the best case 15% of my students had a blog? Of my 30 students in Fall 2010, only four were writing tickets, and this, more or less regularly. For students in communications and public relations benefits to build a digital portfolio no longer be demonstrated. But there is still much work to do. Youth on the one hand, but also among older who's blog can reveal all the expertise and, in turn, ensure the company memory ...

this in mind, I was pleasantly surprised by what tweet from my colleague Guy Litalien about his recent reading of Social Media 101 :

I am also pleased to announce that the most persevering and motivated my students enjoy the blog, understand its relevance to their career and pursue the activity beyond the course. By cons, many students are also part of me fears that their employer as soon as the news spread. Many organizations see their blog a bad eye and it's very unfortunate.

Here, too, that Michelle Blanc done useful work in reminding us that the most risk for an organization, it is just to ignore social media.

Moreover, some critics have attacked a bit silly to form of structure rather than substantive . It seems to have forgotten that social media are first and foremost a matter of substantive . In this regard, this first book has done nothing wrong, quite the contrary.

His collection of notes took the form of a narrative. Michelle White tells stories and shares his best references in course betting on the potential of media social but also warned us against its pitfalls. It does so with clarity, authenticity, humor, openness and generosity. These are indeed some of the ingredients for successful communication of tomorrow.

I advise you to get yours as soon as possible, while still remain. This first edition will be worth one day's weight in gold, if only for its depth and historical value.

Make it as gift to your professional colleagues or any brother or sister in law who still doubt the importance and relevance of the media social at the dawn of 2011.

Thanks for reading!

Patrice Leroux

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can You Still Get In The Navy If You Have Herpes

Jewelry consume without moderation!

The Net serial-shopper who sleeps in me but, on the contrary, although the lookout still raged.
And we said thank you that this time?

No, there is no model child but Selene willingly lent me his little hand
for the purposes of this post!

Thank The ARMADIO !
Arggg ... but why have you shown this ...

The cupcakes are extremely well made.
We eat so they look real!

How do we stand now? It does remind you
still nothing this small dinette ring? Here ...
admit that there is class above.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
I only have ten fingers.
Arfff ...

Paola is Italian designer of these adorable and elegant rings. It also assumes its delicacies as hair clips, brooches, bracelets and necklaces.
On the post of Armadio, you can also see the beautiful Paola necklace made him (here ).
And to make you drool, nothing like this beautiful table shown in September at Didi concept store in Pavia ...

When I told you it was jewelry to consume without moderation!
The Chou Chou jewelry

NB: Photos of this post, except for the first 2 are mine, were borrowed on the shop Le Chou Chou and jewelry were taken by fashion photographer Nicola Casini