Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rabbit Died Before Surgery

Who will be the most beautiful to go dancing ...

What talk right now?
My brain has been somewhat dormant during the truce at the end of the year and I lack inspiration.
I'm good to finish The man who wanted to live his life Douglas Kennedy - which was recently shot a film with Romain Duris - but I was pretty disappointed my expectation was so great to this author. The plot is very slow fall into place, which does not discourage me in my reading, but it does not seem to be a strong point for the book. As at the end ... Resurrection 2 / return, originality hello! As I am sure not to have read his best book, I will persist in the discovery of the author and I'll talk so timely.

Well, it's not everything, but I still do not know what am I going to talk to you.

Houuuu, but I almost forgot! Tomorrow is Wednesday, the day look at Zaza, who is back among us since his little Jajaja pointed his nose. And today, is Tuesday, the eve of Wednesday, so, extrapolating (I wanted to place it there one day) , it is accepted that I present to you a shoot in my en-suite bathroom.
I warn you right away, no new discovery to present to you, pending further rings - niak, niak, niak!
But last week, failing to work my brain to the development of new posts, I work my mimine: I jeweled the family.
So here are my small home-made gifts to me ...

discrete butterfly necklaces for mommy ...

And something more original for a young, sister, auntie and sister-in still in the wind ...

The following two necklaces, I have not offered, not really convinced that it had targeted the tastes of people.

the fauuute Ohhh! But how could I forget my orange varnish??
is the photo to your style Zaza!

So for those who have done me the honor to follow this post until the end, I propose a little hidden game that has nothing to do with a game since I will draw out two names from the comments left on this post.
You just tell me what collar you prefer:
the bird and the feather (the smallest)
the 3 leaf to piaf link (the largest)

note, I leave it until tomorrow, Wednesday, noon to play.
That leaves me time post small parcels tomorrow afternoon - if the "winners" are quick to let me address them - and perhaps you will receive the necklace by Friday, just to be the most beautiful to go dancing! (no, my title is not far-fetched, but I was warned that I was not inspired right now ...)

And if you held so far, take the opportunity to go take a look at the new kids here. There is a small white rabbit winged butterfly and I particularly like!

Edict of 29/12/10: more worth playing, the time has passed and designated the random comment and Miss Toutouille as Anne Laure T!


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