Monday, February 28, 2011

Pokemon Battle Revolution Rom Baixar

Fifteen interesting resources (January / February 2011)

Finally this month a bit dull and cold, here's a list of fifteen resources that I found particularly interesting during the last two months.

1 - social media professionals make more efficient (McKinsey Study)

2 - The serious business of public relations (Heather Yaxley)

3 - attorney : you can not escape in 2011 (Xavier de Mazenod)

4 - How curates Reuters via Twitter UGC (Greg Beitchman)

5- Social Media News Release is an example of curated content (Shel Holtz)

6- The fallacy of Social Media Reciprocation (Amber Naslund)

7- The six pillars of influence (David Armano)


The 6 Pillars of influence by David Armano (Antoine Dupin)

8 to 11 PR Trends for 2011 (PRSay)

9- How to build a social media education program for your company (Erica Swallow)

10- User names vs- real names on your community: pros & cons (Managing Communities)

11- The top-10 Company blogs (Mark Schaefer)

12-Blog commenting for PR : dos & dont's (Tally Weiss)

13- Digital influence Recalibrated (Part 1) Understanding Klout’s measurement spectrum (Olivier Blanchard)
14 - Churnalism (search engine to locate articles containing "word for word" press releases (UK only)

15 - Best free tools to monitor social media (Jean-Pierre Govekar)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kate Playground And Pure Dee Set

Habs vs Thrashers

Friday, February 25, 2011

What Does It Mena British Red Flower

Canes at Habs vs. Leafs MTL

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greeting Card Messages

(CKAC Sports) The Canadian is back in Montreal on Thursday night to face the Maple Leafs blanked it twice at home this season .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Invocation For Debut Party

One Grand Prix Grafika 2011 Atanas Mihaltchev

Monday, February 21, 2011

Samples Of 60th Birthday Speeches

Habs Canucks at 7:00 p.m. Sunday

Friday, February 18, 2011

Do I Have To Use Konad Polish

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Avg Boobs Size By Country

of revolution and social media lynching

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Make Slides For Slide Projector

Habs country's oil

Monday, February 14, 2011

Techdeck Monster Energy

Sabres vs. Leafs vs. Habs Habs

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Before And After Solarium Tans

Greater Paris metropolitan area and the question: controversies, strategies and projects

Seminar at the Institut d'Urbanisme de Paris. March 21, 2011 to March 22, 2011.

past two years, activation of the debate on the future of the capital region, under terms invariants - Greater Paris - has paradoxically to note the novelty of the question metropolitan. Is desired during these two days explaining the meaning of this paradigm shift, to identify the implications for public policy and more specifically on urban development.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Alphax Major Slide Projector Manual

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is It Hard To Replace A Airbag In Subaru Impreza

Isles vs. Habs vs Bruins habs

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Diamond Back Bmx Stickers

Orange # 5

I'm quite proud to show you my new pair of shoes orange for the look of zaza because this time, these are shoes "lady" as I call them.
Although I love my boots and my basketball buffalo orange, a nice pair of shoes with small heels, this is the class above. So I scoured
Sarenza and Free Delivery - because shopping "in real", I have not the courage too - by selecting the color orange, and I succumbed to the charms of this small pair of Italian brand Manas, the "greenhouse glossy patent leather and sparkling colori:

Manas, model Veronica orange
leather, heels 4 cm
purchased from Spartoo
still available in 36, 37 and 38 if it tells you!

Nothing to do with the subject, but I wanted to put a quick note to let you know that my appearances here and in the blogosphere will certainly become scarce. I too have no motivation, and simply time for blogging. I prefer to reserve my moments of freedom after my family and my work, primarily in reading and crocheting.
more work, I realized that I impart is even further attention to Selene, who is a little bad times (stupid things repeatedly, shamelessly, etc..). Perhaps a reaction to my return to work?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Random Peoples Addies

The Public Relations Public relations

How To Compere Annual Day

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wig Peyton Angel Of Death

Devils vs. Rangers Vs Habs Habs

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pregnant Slight Brownish Tinge

Finding new fonts

To answer Libelul asking me what font I used on my collage "Just orange" yesterday, I explained quickly, commented that it was a police found on .

Maybe you also know that database online where you can find thousands of different fonts, from the school to the more fanciful. It is very helpful in making beautiful songs!

Some policies are accepted by blogger - I tried - going hack into the HTML of your model, but they are visible only if your visitors have installed these fonts on their computer.
This was not a good idea for you to submit, where small sentences below, which I embedded on an image through Photofiltre. Ahhh, the hack, when you hold me!
Click on the images for better view ...

The refrain is followed whenever the name of the font
Warning: Font Anglo-Saxon does not take accented letters
Therefore hack to add accents in image editing software.

To install these new fonts could not be easier.
You download it to your choice among all those on by clicking where it says (!). You get a compressed zip file so unzip it takes by right-clicking and then "Extract All". Then, simply right click on the installer file police (symbolized by an icon with a blue T) and to "Install".
And, oh, magic, the new police moved alone where it's needed!
If it is not clear, you can read the information given here .
You can then go into your word processor to verify that it has found its place in the alphabetical list of your fonts. Warning
too, if you share a document in which you used a font installed by you, your "matching" can not see them unless they have also installed these fonts on their computer. To circumvent this problem, one solution is to save your work in pdf format, which "freezes" your document.

But maybe you already knew all that ... But the fact ...

Do you know of other interesting sites where you can
find original fonts?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How To Hide Pipes In Bathroom

AFTERNOON! 2:00 p.m.

Engagement Thank You Notes

Everything Orange! If I tell you

In February ... it's all in the orange challenge Libelul !

So here, especially for her - because my regulars, you've seen everything! - A personal selection of my orange ...

M es shoes and tights are m, m

How not to participate, Libelul , this challenge monthly honors this month my favorite color?
I do not know if my love for the orange will be eternal, because often women varies, but so far, it is huge!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Peachyforum Samanha 38g

2:00 p.m. Panthers vs Habs vs. Caps Snow

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fakes Of Katarina Witt

Axelle Red or Milla Jovovich, like this, without thinking ... ?

A special look hair Orange # 4 for zaza!

I said I wanted to add my hair red hair, supposed to mix gently with blond hair in place ... My hairdresser has
as it were unleashed!
- "Oh, I made a lot!" he said.
m'étooonnes You!
As I explained the next day at my baker how my hairdresser had a lot of fun with my hair, she told me, next time, ask for "reflection" rather than "bits".
like Ben, it's obvious though!
is true that I am a beginner for coloring hair and I had not thought about this distinction.
When I looked in the mirror well, once capped, I immediately thought of Lilo in the Fifth Element. My hairdresser, not a little proud of his work, for which he gave 3h its day, anyway - well, I think he did take pleasure too - gave me Axelle Red

I prefer Lilo but I'm better combed it, anyway!
flowered vest Tipster-La Redoute
Orange belt, shop on etsy Amiel
and always OPI

Me who loudly claimed that I love orange, I served!
A little confused, I admit, but I think I'll eventually get used.
Fortunately it fits me well, I think ... I have the weakness to believe that people are not all hypocritical when they say spontaneously "Oh, it fits you really well!" is sincere. Otherwise, we do not, in principle, it says nothing, but it does not say the opposite just to please, is not it? Well, unusually, I authorize you here to tell me exactly what you think of my bits if you do not. I do not censor your comments, I promise!

And you have the right also to say that the haircut is perfect! It's just that I find very difficult to repeat the perfect smoothing at home all alone and that, that bothers me. I'll try straightening products, it can perhaps help me, who knows.
Yes, that's it. My new mission: to master the brushing me closer, if possible, the perfection of the hairdresser!

And you know what, against all odds, I got the approval of my gardener who really liked my hair orange!

Next week, be at the rendezvous! I'll show you the shoes beautiful lady I've unearthed and who are my little pride!
And meanwhile, try posting a message a little more informative, a little deeper or a little more intellectual, if inspiration comes to me ...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ikusa Otome Episode 1 Streaming

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Long Does It Take To Get An Std Test Result

Idea for the playoffs pool

I had an idea that would transform the formula of the series. It would be much simpler, but expedient, I explain: It would

series ourselves in our pool: 11 poolers

As the winner of the season would have a free pass for the second round. The

# 2 faces # 11 in the series drawn at random (Ex: Kaki vs. Canucks vs Sharks in Lou)

The # 3 vs # 10 ...... on and on

Whoever gets more points (using a prediction of the series of games + + for a player chosen in this series) wins. The

plusssse: The winner advances to the next round

lfun The least ...: The loser can go play golf ... ! and can continue to comment on the blog and follow our Canadian --- --- Go Habs Go (But the pool is no longer in the league)

-Khaki said Canucks 4 / / / Lou said Sharks in 4
- Khaki chooses H.sedin / / / Lou chose D. Sedin
- "Predicting matches from day to day "

Khaki finished with 53 points / / / Lou finished with 54 points

Lou enters Round 2 and will face another winner.

The poolers are never associated with a team, but a series. (Lou and Kaki can take the Canucks in 5 if they want)

------------------------------- --------------

For wizzkids who will do the math, they'll tell me: marc wain .... but how we will make the conference finals we'll be 3 !?!

Round 1: 10 poolers play a free pass, so 5 matchups

Round 2: 6 poolers play, 3 matchups

Round 3: 3 poolers play! What we do!?! The solution -> Three in the same boat and the two that have the most access points to the final.

Round 4: 2 poolers play bing bang winner drinking champagne in time, e in pitch on the other bing bing bang bang too drunk escapes made the cut in pool, dog swimming with the cup bing bang Ron Fournier arrives in flip-flops with Youppi, The Phantom of Mauritius s'allummé just a cigar, everyone arrives, pi was the bin seems like dl'agrément bolduc

---------------- -------------------------

If there are zero at the end of the matchups, could be a winner with dercerné Ammassa points in the matches because it is the heart of the pool.

Enweille enweille Ron wants to know that t think!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Funny Things To Write On Tombstone For Halloween

And yes, it's still orange that I propose to illustrate this new look Wednesday at zaza!

Buffalo Peace model, synthetic leather,
purchased Sarenza

Despite the "peace & love" purple glitter on the side which I would have gone, this beautiful orange made me crack. Even if I did not look very pleased about the picture ... !

white dress La Redoute, a former model
Tights Orange last, patched up somehow,
Buffalo Shoes "Peace" orange

To accessorize the whole, I again succumbed to small delicacies The Chou Chou jewelry.

ring Mousse Cake Jelly Tuttifrutti and BO cherry blossom
(which have the cherry but not the color name for jam on the cake is orange!)

I still want to emphasize the very good work of the designer. Her jewelry is treated, a high quality (glue assembly is invisible, which is not the case with all creative) and does go not the smallest pieces hanging.

I begin to wonder if I should not have Dutch roots me ...