Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Public Relations: first understand the business and management

Two of testimony
American public relations professionals come together on at least one fundamental as it is about success: knowledge of business and management.

The first evidence comes from Fraser Seitel , a New Yorker of experience and renowned author . It even has a brief profile on Wikipedia . One can also see a more complete profile on LinkedIn . It also seems to take his first steps with Twitter ...

The second comes from Bob Batchelor who teaches Public Relations and Mass Communications at the University of South Florida . Internal communications specialist, Batchelor worked for several major organizations before devoting himself to teaching. Interestingly, his research and work focuses, among other things, on popular culture. Batchelor writes notes on his blog PR-Bridge .

The videotaped testimony rather colorful Fraser Seitel worth being seen, not only because it focuses on understanding the business and management but also on the mastery of writing, on the importance to have general knowledge and specific skills in PR, a good decision (is it taught?) and a sense of ethics particularly sharp among others.

Here is the video made by the firm Ragan in July 2009: Approx. 6 minutes.

As Batchelor, his goal now is to improve knowledge of its students in management. Business challenges and / or management must be understood for what they are: first et surtout des enjeux d'affaires et non plus seulement des enjeux de communication...

Il écrit:

[...] "In both my professional and academic careers, one recurring criticism of public relations and communicators I hear (particularly from executives) is that the agency, company communicators, etc., “don’t understand my business.” Though I personally see this as a challenge on the part of the executive as much as the communicators, it is my hope that introducing my students to some innovative business thinking and theory will help them look at business challenges as business challenges and not just communications challenges." [...]

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Patrice Leroux