Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How Do Teething Gums Look

Public Relations in a society in flux

The fourth edition of the book by Danielle Maisonneuve just appeared at the end of August 2010 the Presses de l'Université du Québec ( PUQ). For many university students, this is the great reference book becoming a classic public relations. One of his major educational interests is precisely its hybrid approach: conceptual and instrumental.

In addition, professionals will find food for thought because of upheavals in the world of interactive communications.

Social media are redefining the media landscape by promoting citizen participation. How organizations respond they, in terms of communication, certainly, but also within their own organization?

Case studies support the recent remarks made in Chapters of the book. Some of these studies have won Awards of Excellence Quebec Society of public relations professionals in 2009.

Several academics and professionals that have contributed Pierre Bérubé, Solange Tremblay, ARP, Pierre Gince , ARP, and Ritha Cossette signing the chapter on ethics.

Guy Litalien,
ARP teacher certificate in public relations from the University of Montreal, worked in the chapter on evaluation and indicators measurable.

Finally, Martine Dorval , ARP, FCPRS, collaborated on the important chapter Democracy and citizen information in the media space . I have also taken part, albeit small way, I thank Danielle Maisonneuve mentioning it.

This new edition of nearly 500 pages not only marks a new evolution of public relations in Quebec, but clearly demonstrates how the multidisciplinary dimensions of the function have reached a level of maturity unmatched in our history.