Monday, February 28, 2011

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Fifteen interesting resources (January / February 2011)

Finally this month a bit dull and cold, here's a list of fifteen resources that I found particularly interesting during the last two months.

1 - social media professionals make more efficient (McKinsey Study)

2 - The serious business of public relations (Heather Yaxley)

3 - attorney : you can not escape in 2011 (Xavier de Mazenod)

4 - How curates Reuters via Twitter UGC (Greg Beitchman)

5- Social Media News Release is an example of curated content (Shel Holtz)

6- The fallacy of Social Media Reciprocation (Amber Naslund)

7- The six pillars of influence (David Armano)


The 6 Pillars of influence by David Armano (Antoine Dupin)

8 to 11 PR Trends for 2011 (PRSay)

9- How to build a social media education program for your company (Erica Swallow)

10- User names vs- real names on your community: pros & cons (Managing Communities)

11- The top-10 Company blogs (Mark Schaefer)

12-Blog commenting for PR : dos & dont's (Tally Weiss)

13- Digital influence Recalibrated (Part 1) Understanding Klout’s measurement spectrum (Olivier Blanchard)
14 - Churnalism (search engine to locate articles containing "word for word" press releases (UK only)

15 - Best free tools to monitor social media (Jean-Pierre Govekar)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

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