Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fakes Of Katarina Witt

Axelle Red or Milla Jovovich, like this, without thinking ... ?

A special look hair Orange # 4 for zaza!

I said I wanted to add my hair red hair, supposed to mix gently with blond hair in place ... My hairdresser has
as it were unleashed!
- "Oh, I made a lot!" he said.
m'├ętooonnes You!
As I explained the next day at my baker how my hairdresser had a lot of fun with my hair, she told me, next time, ask for "reflection" rather than "bits".
like Ben, it's obvious though!
is true that I am a beginner for coloring hair and I had not thought about this distinction.
When I looked in the mirror well, once capped, I immediately thought of Lilo in the Fifth Element. My hairdresser, not a little proud of his work, for which he gave 3h its day, anyway - well, I think he did take pleasure too - gave me Axelle Red

I prefer Lilo but I'm better combed it, anyway!
flowered vest Tipster-La Redoute
Orange belt, shop on etsy Amiel
and always OPI

Me who loudly claimed that I love orange, I served!
A little confused, I admit, but I think I'll eventually get used.
Fortunately it fits me well, I think ... I have the weakness to believe that people are not all hypocritical when they say spontaneously "Oh, it fits you really well!" is sincere. Otherwise, we do not, in principle, it says nothing, but it does not say the opposite just to please, is not it? Well, unusually, I authorize you here to tell me exactly what you think of my bits if you do not. I do not censor your comments, I promise!

And you have the right also to say that the haircut is perfect! It's just that I find very difficult to repeat the perfect smoothing at home all alone and that, that bothers me. I'll try straightening products, it can perhaps help me, who knows.
Yes, that's it. My new mission: to master the brushing me closer, if possible, the perfection of the hairdresser!

And you know what, against all odds, I got the approval of my gardener who really liked my hair orange!

Next week, be at the rendezvous! I'll show you the shoes beautiful lady I've unearthed and who are my little pride!
And meanwhile, try posting a message a little more informative, a little deeper or a little more intellectual, if inspiration comes to me ...


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