Friday, February 4, 2011

Pregnant Slight Brownish Tinge

Finding new fonts

To answer Libelul asking me what font I used on my collage "Just orange" yesterday, I explained quickly, commented that it was a police found on .

Maybe you also know that database online where you can find thousands of different fonts, from the school to the more fanciful. It is very helpful in making beautiful songs!

Some policies are accepted by blogger - I tried - going hack into the HTML of your model, but they are visible only if your visitors have installed these fonts on their computer.
This was not a good idea for you to submit, where small sentences below, which I embedded on an image through Photofiltre. Ahhh, the hack, when you hold me!
Click on the images for better view ...

The refrain is followed whenever the name of the font
Warning: Font Anglo-Saxon does not take accented letters
Therefore hack to add accents in image editing software.

To install these new fonts could not be easier.
You download it to your choice among all those on by clicking where it says (!). You get a compressed zip file so unzip it takes by right-clicking and then "Extract All". Then, simply right click on the installer file police (symbolized by an icon with a blue T) and to "Install".
And, oh, magic, the new police moved alone where it's needed!
If it is not clear, you can read the information given here .
You can then go into your word processor to verify that it has found its place in the alphabetical list of your fonts. Warning
too, if you share a document in which you used a font installed by you, your "matching" can not see them unless they have also installed these fonts on their computer. To circumvent this problem, one solution is to save your work in pdf format, which "freezes" your document.

But maybe you already knew all that ... But the fact ...

Do you know of other interesting sites where you can
find original fonts?


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