Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maxine Funnies For Birthdays

Small list of useful resources (and sometimes amusing)

Sometimes I often come across interesting resources that I put aside for later access. Here are some of the following categories: Public Relations, Social Media, Blogs (Business 2.0), Twitter, Facebook, and Candies mixed ...


Why the Digital Divide Is Death to your PR firm -20/why-the-digital-divide-is-death-to-your-pr-firm /

Public Relations Under Digitalization (J. Grunig/Hong-Kong 2009)

The Barcelona Declaration of Research Principles
Using Web analytics in PR

Are people just boring or bored (on creativity in Press releases)

5 PR Nightmares that were handled better Than BP oil spill

5 Lessons from Social Media PR disasters
http://www /

unforgettable 34 posts for PR People (Richie Escovedo)
http: / /

Social Media

Terms of use of social media (Pierre Bouchard)
http: / / / PierreBouchard / test-white-paper-copy

Media policies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Taming social media: the need for companies
http:/ /

Social Media up 230% since 2007

The Future Of The Social Web and how to stop it (PARC)
http://www.slideshare. net/factoryjoe/the-future-of-the-social-web-and-how-to-stop-it-4105537

Which departement owns social media

Social Media Strategy Before Tactics (Lee Oden)

25 women that rock social media

Blogues (Entreprise 2.0)

Top Company Blogs Require Content Strategy, Expertise, Good Writing

Best pratices (corporate blogging)

Are your employed sharing enough? (Interview with Gautam Ghosh)

Enterprise 2.0: Do the tools really matter?

If Cisco 1 / 3 (A. Poncier)
http:/ / / blog /? p = 1130

Text Analytics Becomes More Valuable Within E2.0 (Bill Ives) -more-Valuable-within-enterprise-2-0 /


5 reasons why Twitter is the best social media

When consumers become inventory trackers with Twitter- Hippo Chips

Audience size doesn’t prove influence on Twitter

Recherche d'anciens tweets


Practical Guide to Marketing on Facebook fan pages

Facebook group or fan pages: what's better?

Facebook fan pages

How to add Google Analytics to your Facebook Fan page


Bonbons mélangés

It's all semantics: linked-data, open data and the semantic web

Why the world needs Wikileaks (Julian Assange on TED Talks)

Student Grades Not Affected by Social Networking ( NHU)

Écrire pour le web en 2010 (Luc Legay) Excellent

July! Back in mid-August.