Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Long Does It Take To Get An Std Test Result

Idea for the playoffs pool

I had an idea that would transform the formula of the series. It would be much simpler, but expedient, I explain: It would

series ourselves in our pool: 11 poolers

As the winner of the season would have a free pass for the second round. The

# 2 faces # 11 in the series drawn at random (Ex: Kaki vs. Canucks vs Sharks in Lou)

The # 3 vs # 10 ...... on and on

Whoever gets more points (using a prediction of the series of games + + for a player chosen in this series) wins. The

plusssse: The winner advances to the next round

lfun The least ...: The loser can go play golf ... ! and can continue to comment on the blog and follow our Canadian --- --- Go Habs Go (But the pool is no longer in the league)

-Khaki said Canucks 4 / / / Lou said Sharks in 4
- Khaki chooses H.sedin / / / Lou chose D. Sedin
- "Predicting matches from day to day "

Khaki finished with 53 points / / / Lou finished with 54 points

Lou enters Round 2 and will face another winner.

The poolers are never associated with a team, but a series. (Lou and Kaki can take the Canucks in 5 if they want)

------------------------------- --------------

For wizzkids who will do the math, they'll tell me: marc wain .... but how we will make the conference finals we'll be 3 !?!

Round 1: 10 poolers play a free pass, so 5 matchups

Round 2: 6 poolers play, 3 matchups

Round 3: 3 poolers play! What we do!?! The solution -> Three in the same boat and the two that have the most access points to the final.

Round 4: 2 poolers play bing bang winner drinking champagne in time, e in pitch on the other bing bing bang bang too drunk escapes made the cut in pool, dog swimming with the cup bing bang Ron Fournier arrives in flip-flops with Youppi, The Phantom of Mauritius s'allummé just a cigar, everyone arrives, pi was the bin seems like dl'agrément bolduc

---------------- -------------------------

If there are zero at the end of the matchups, could be a winner with dercerné Ammassa points in the matches because it is the heart of the pool.

Enweille enweille Ron wants to know that t think!


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