Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Remember ...
For those who follow me for long, long, very many months, I asked you once which browser you use to surf the Internet.
You were a number of acclaimed Mozilla Firefox, to the detriment of the great explorer, visibly slowing.

Well, I'm going to ask you today if you have tested Chrome, the new Google browser?

Because yes, Google, who always wins the competition hands down the best search engine, has been very late to release their browser. In 2008. And earlier drafts had apparently nothing to distinguish itself from competitors already in place.
It seems that the trend is being reversed with the latest versions.
Tadam ... !

Well, I do my malignant, but I never thought to test yet another browser if I had not seen - and why not see - the huge advertising dressing the facade of a building site Bellecour in Lyon.

My impressions: I love
. Really. This browser is
actually faster than its competitors. The pages load at the speed of lightning, no exaggeration! I really appreciate
the address bar to do everything , which also serves as a forum where you can type in your Google search (Note: when installing the browser, Google is not taxed as you can choose another search engine like Yahoo for example) . Some find this feature too confusing. Why? Have to adapt in life! And this is really a practical innovation!

Click the picture to see

Managing favorites is a little different, but it is very clever. If your usual browser is Firefox, and you decide to install Chrome, you will automatically offer to import your favorites (great! I guess it works also if you just Explorer) , who find themselves placed in a bar Horizontal similar to Firefox.
The trick very very smart, it's page "new tab". When you open it, you fall on the thumbnails of your most visited pages. It is easy to make your favorite since you have the opportunity to "pin" each thumbnail (top left corner) to keep indefinitely if it is a site you visit most often and therefore you better have on hand very quickly.

Same, click to enlarge and see better!

More generally, I also visual minimalism of this browser. I hate browsers with buttons everywhere, and new bars installed on their own unnoticed, because we had the misfortune of clicking when they should not!

One of the main criticisms made Google Chrome is its delicacy in memory, compared to the other two. Because it is said, it must surely be true, but personally, for the use I made, this does not bother me any inconvenience. Not that my PC is multi-array in RAM, but I never open ten page web at the same time!

So, here I am with 3 different browsers on my computer!
I hesitate to uninstall Explorer, because I'm kind of to tell me "you never know, it can still be used," but I do not open more.

So, have you ever tried Google Chrome?
Or have I convinced them to do?
Finally, you do well as you want, eh!
I have nothing to gain! ;-)


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