Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wma Plug In For Nero 7 Ultra Edition

Honey, have you thought about registering the little stroller? (Game inside) # 1 Orange

And his tricycle, thought you there too?
And the bike's big brother, for that matter!
But yes, why not?
I was contacted recently by a new company, baby plate , whose product I was simply captivated.

A small plaque to personalize the stroller, baby carriage, tricycle or bicycle for your baby or your child, how plate:

Original, no?
can also set the plate on the door of the bedroom of her child, but personally I think it's better on a vehicle!
Imagine how great it is for a child to have a license plate on his bike. As the car Mom and Dad!
And as a birth gift, it changes. I do not know about you, but for me it's always the puzzle to find the original thing that has not already been bought by parents.

The plate is personalized with the course name of child, date of birth and the flag you want. Simply complete the form located HERE .

The plate is made of thin plastic and rigid, forex, especially used in the printing industry. baby plate has partnered with a company to recover its downfalls.

The concept is not unique since one can find quite a few small patches of the same style in the UK but these are French, made in France and are very well done, if you compare with they or those where and then these other well.
In any case, I'd never seen before!

Well, speak little, talking about it!
order to make them a little pub, I proposed to the creators of baby plate, first to talk about their product, but also give you the plate of your choice.

To do this, leave me a little note in comments, until Saturday noon, and I will draw a name at random among those who declare themselves interested.
NB: I reserve the right to eventually stop the game before you're too many otherwise it rhymes with not much to conduct a random drawing among 50 people - and oh, we can dream, eh!
Take this opportunity to tell me if you already know the principle of license plates for strollers or whether I'm completely out of the depths of my province!

This article is not sponsored. After they contacted m'aient is heartily that I proposed to the creators talk about their small plates that attracted me!


Edict of 15/01/11 at 15h: Here, here, the investments are closed.
You are not numerous s (too busy with the sales?), Especially since I will not take into account the comments of those who have not expressed interest. But it is not worse because it leaves more opportunities to those who played!
See you this evening or tomorrow for the result ...


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