Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Funny Things To Write On Tombstone For Halloween

And yes, it's still orange that I propose to illustrate this new look Wednesday at zaza!

Buffalo Peace model, synthetic leather,
purchased Sarenza

Despite the "peace & love" purple glitter on the side which I would have gone, this beautiful orange made me crack. Even if I did not look very pleased about the picture ... !

white dress La Redoute, a former model
Tights Orange last, patched up somehow,
Buffalo Shoes "Peace" orange

To accessorize the whole, I again succumbed to small delicacies The Chou Chou jewelry.

ring Mousse Cake Jelly Tuttifrutti and BO cherry blossom
(which have the cherry but not the color name for jam on the cake is orange!)

I still want to emphasize the very good work of the designer. Her jewelry is treated, a high quality (glue assembly is invisible, which is not the case with all creative) and does go not the smallest pieces hanging.

I begin to wonder if I should not have Dutch roots me ...


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