Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gay Places In Fredericton

Hang me if you dare!

Or, as the gadget that I saw no long ago.
And yeah, not even afraid to swing early this year.

The first time I saw pass under my eyes this gadget metal, I confess not to have immediately understood what it was for.
And yet he must believe it to be very useful this thing as more and more companies invest in, to make small gifts to their clients, or their friendly employees who are still wondering curiously what new gift they will receive for the holiday season.

a keychain or a Swiss Army knife, I see right away what might be useful, but it

Note that respect for the box that hiring the gardener, who was also my employer for several years, I gently blurred his name.
But if you follow me a little, you guessed it!

Ah, I have laughed me out when my gardener, among other gift certificates, this magnificent catcher bag, discreetly symbol "works"!
Either-way, the series draws stuff, also add the fact stamped "EC-so" all these little gifts to employees. Nothing like wasting a pen that would, otherwise, everything to be pretty class.

For those who have escaped the onslaught of eye-bags, here is a picture of what it can to be deployed:

You can see how useful of the thing!
Confess, eh, you never know where to put or place your bag ladies!

I'm sarcastic, but it seems it is the restaurant. Instead of trailing his bag under his feet to be stepped on miserably, hop, we leave our foo-foo, it is placed on the edge of the table (the beast is equipped with a small cushion of velvet slip) , and there very elegantly suspends his bag. The weight of the bag keeps everything in place. It seems. And
hop, wise guy who goes quietly and raid your tote seen or known!
Note that if the bag was found under your feet, no one would put on all fours to get it under your table.

I'm really bad language, I know, but if someone is using this gadget, it appears right now!
I'm not completely obtuse and I'm ready to revise I think the thing if you convince me.

And, paradoxically, I was envious of my eye-bag works, do not be jealous!
This thing is selling like hotcakes.
Yes, it is the gadget of the moment.
For proof, this Google search: here.

But who could have had the idea to invent a gadget so indispensable? Huh?? I request you!
I do not know but apparently it is not new. Hook bag appeared in the 1920s, or the eighteenth century, according to sources, and ceased to be marketed in the 70s. The idea was obviously to avoid leaving his bag lying on the ground, so it does get dirty or damaged, or it clutters our knees.
Seen in this light, indeed, it can be useful, and As I write this, I realize that I will certainly make enemy (s) by questioning the "indispensability" of the thing but still ... I still laugh when I saw my eye-bag works!

Go on, admit it!
Who has one?
importantly, who uses it?


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