Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's Best For A Tight Chest

paints Erika Raio

I was in the hands of a back issue DECO 100 ideas, and leafing through quickly, I stopped on the pages of the photo essay that we are visit a beautiful home.

Reportage Inside out by Philippe Bonduel, photographs of Philip Perdereau
100 ideas DECO, No. 3

is the cellar door on the left, which has focused my attention. The meager explanations in legend, I discovered the work of an artist that I do not know.

"The door of the cellar, which houses washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances, was always open. Catherine and Alain [owners of the beautiful house] have made a trompe-l eye which opens onto a series of decorated panels Erika Raio. "

Erika Raio ...

A Google search led me directly its website where a gallery of photos provided very offers a very representative overview of his portraits and scenes of his colorful life.

Mole , 72 x 102 cm

Erika Raio the Imagine Gallery, Bordeaux

Erika Raio is an artist who lives and works in Britain, in Morbihan.
She paints mostly on scraps of wood, doors or panels, on which she mixes her acrylic paintings and pastels. "The wood can be sanded, scraped, scratched with a cutter" mottling and small things here and there in the garage sales, such as wooden spoons, spools of lace or old son, different or collages, regularly come to complete his paintings.
Erika loves above all to stage images of everyday life, here or elsewhere "and she particularly likes the retro atmosphere, bistro and marine.

Sailors from father to son , 12 x 40 cm

Venus, 53 x 160 cm

Channel crossing , 128 x 20 cm

Chez Lulu! 110 x 92 x 13 cm

Coffee Cream, 20 x 60 cm

Delicacies, 23 x 72 cm

And finally my favorite ... their colors ...

Far Away , 20 x 60 cm

me, I would invite me to come good in painting the door of my laundry room / pantry. Something in this style for example ...
Hot Chili

It does not remind you a little paintings of the artist Zabhi that I had made some time ago ?

you like?


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