Monday, January 3, 2011

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Just published: "The Great Paris, the first born of conflict of decentralization" by Marc Wiel, Planner

town planner Marc Wiel just published by Harmattan "The Great Paris, the first born of conflict decentralization. A book which is a continuation of his analysis on the Greater Paris and on the evolution of territorial planning in France. We remember the published text in May 2009 by Urba + : "Greater Paris: Who are the new professionals of magic?"

By way of preview, we can find the text of his speech during the public meeting of November 30, 2010 at Jouy-en- Josas on "Transportation Network for Greater Paris and areas in project . It is published on the site Urba + here , the minutes and the soundtrack is available on the website special commission of public debate in the Greater Paris.

The pitch of the publisher:
Marc Wiel analysis by the Greater Paris record as a conflict between institutions, which he considers logic in the current state of decentralization in the Paris region. To understand the process of the rise of the conflict he proposes an analytical framework that combines the typical French story of centralized, that urban planning in France, and finally the evolution taking into account issues of displacement since the Grenelle of the environment.
With this grid, he dissects the positions taken by various stakeholders, the interpreter and concludes that in the current debate on the choice between the two networks, rapid transit (one proposed by the State and the other by the Region), the real issues (social, economic and environmental) involved are not taken into account.
Moreover Architecture current institutional divides responsibilities (of State for Public through the region and department) is unable to meet the challenges for these issues. To overcome this situation hinders the Ile de France in its development as the Paris region in their daily lives, he suggests giving priority to reform of local taxation which would give priority to certain urban policies (in particularly land) and prepare a new operation between institutions renovated and skills redefined.

The Author:
Marc Wiel is a town planner. He led the planning agency of Brest between 1981 and 2001, while having as a researcher on the relationship between transport policy and urban organization. Author of several books, the last two were published by Harmattan published in 2007 ( To schedule other cities) and the French Documentation in 2010 (Urban sprawl and mobility).


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