Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brown Discharge When Pee

My 2011 will be orange! Happy

At the traditional New Year greetings, I have one: I want
Because yes, exit 2010 and blue favorite color. 2011 is here and it's the orange that pulls me by the goatee. Since the time I made winks!

My tunic rather blue, but with touches of orange
My hangers Nicely hung in orange
My jewelry orange (BO and then Zoe Bonbon Bracelet + the matryoshka necklace )
My OPI orange and the youngest, a pretty yellow color orange pumpkin
My bag found on Etsy orange

So no, I would not repaint the walls of my apartment,
no I will not look again Clockwork Orange - too much space - ,
no I do not cook the carrots more than once a week - my usual rate -
no I will not change phone operator (you also understand that this product is no sponsored),
but I will work to win all the accessories that I come under orange nose and when I need to redo my highlights, zou, they will be red!
And I do not completely relegated to the blue cupboard. I still love my big jacket , my boots, and I still have empty bottles of nail!

only problem I have the distinct impression of being slightly ahead of the curve on this one then.
You've seen a lot of orange clothes you?
The goal is not to turn into a big pumpkin from head to foot, but a small shirt, sweater or vest orange suffice me. The quest
orange will be difficult. I feel it. I am able to strike a painfully high orange coral (which must not be very farting but I expect to see for judging) to Redoute but other than that ... is nothingness.
If only I could find plenty of accessories orange ... not even!
For nail polish and loops ears, it can go, but everything to do with scarves, belts, etc. ... I found a seller on etsy which proposed not too bad belts in leather with a wide range of colors but other than that ... is nothingness.

So you know what you have to do if you see the orange your way!
Do not forget to leave a note!

Pssst: orange, the color adjective derived from a common name, is invariable. Like brown. We learn review things by blogging!


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