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was always good, right or wrong reasons, not to go donate blood. Among the most recurrent:
- I can not stand needles and the sight of blood (even turning a blind eye and a deep breath?).
- I can not go there because I work (could be a good reason but there are ways to get out an hour, especially during the lunch break).
- And what do I do for children during that time?
- I do not know when and especially where to go.

For my part, I started giving my blood when I was 18, "brigaded" by my parents for whom it was a natural to make this gesture of generosity. I remember once given to college in Lyon, once at the Hospital of the Hotel-Dieu and again at the Stade Gerland. Then nothing for years.
Why? I left Lyon for a more rustic area shall we say, where the collections were less visible and less frequent. And when I happened to see a sign announcing the arrival of a branch of the EFS (French Blood Establishment the bulk collection agency, which monopoly of blood collection in France, which has branches in all regions), it fell all the time when I worked (false reason I think).

If you live in a medium or large city, the ETS always comes near you.
Then I was pregnant, and in this case, forbidden to donate blood. And until 6 months after childbirth.

Back on "my land" in Vienna four years ago, I regularly saw the placards on the door of my bakery, and I I said whenever I liked to give my blood, but no luck, it fell all the time on a day when my gardener was working. So I was "stuck" with the children.
And then after a while, I ended up not even paying attention to these small posters on the door traders. Anyway, in my neighborhood, there is no systematic collection each. Serious mistake by the way.

But this summer, a placard was back in my baking, announcing an upcoming gathering in September. I thought the children would be at school and as I was not working, I had no reason not to mark that date on my calendar. Appointment was made. Since

, so I started to give blood regularly. The truck passes HTA every two months in my hometown, which is the minimum time that must elapse between two donations. As I have a work schedule flexible enough, I always find a way to go. People who work the day can go during their lunch break because the room where the collection takes place remains open continuously.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to be fasting to donate blood. In contrast, it is strongly advised to eat properly before and stay hydrated so as to prevent any discomfort.
Women can give blood up to 4 times in one calendar year, men, 6 times. It takes between 400 and 500 ml, depending on the blood volume of the person. The levy is
position bedridden or semi-sitting position. It varies depending on location.

Each time, he must complete a medical questionnaire and pass a doctor (well done quickly) to strip this questionnaire. If it does not contrindication donation, we go for the bite! So
the cozy are asked to take them on because yes, the needle in your arm and see the blood slowly fill the plastic bag, but it can seriously upset, just turn your head, right?
It takes an average of fifteen minutes, perhaps twenty minutes for the pouch is filled. Everything depends on the flow of your blood. I know that for me is a bit slow and I'm also "pumped" actively on the small ball-shaped heart that I hold in the palm of my hand to activate the blood flow.
Once emptied his pint, you are entitled to a magnificent dressing-tourniquet around the arm, which will cut the flow of much blood. I do not understand ever why it is necessary as we dicked! It hurts the arm damn! (Hey, hey it's a detail, do not take it for a good reason not to go give blood!).

A must also post at the graduation gift, just to rehydrate and regain strength slowly.

aware that other blood donations are possible. Usually when people talk about "blood donation", speaks of "whole blood" (including red cells, platelets and plasma).
is the most widespread because it is faster to perform. Subject over time, it can also give alternatively its plasma or platelets, eg between two donations of whole blood.

For different kinds of gifts available, click HERE

So do not wait to have one day need to realize that giving blood - and give in general - is essential. Afterwards, it will be too late to do so because a person has transfused more right to donate blood.
is truly one of the nicest thing we can do that will cost you nothing, except a little of your time.
What is more beautiful than to say that it may have helped save a life? I remember

that blood donation is an act totally free. Do not expect to be compensated as for certain drug trials. It is quite another.

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To know where and when to give:


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