Thursday, December 2, 2010

Can You Overcome Cat Allergies

Greater Paris: an analysis of Jean-Pierre Orfeuil, published in the new journal Metropolitans

Orfeuil Jean-Pierre, a professor at the Institute Urban Planning in Paris expert must mobility issues, signs an article on the proposed bypass Metro Corporation of Greater Paris. It is published in the new journal Metropolitans .

At a time when architects are riding the media wave of Greater Paris without being able to provide us with accurate pitch "their transportation plan" ( because it simply is not their job ) , the 're lighting by Jean-Pierre Orfeuil are very useful .

Jean-Pierre Orfeuil, which trains urban planners for many years, for its part has a fairly clear idea about the (non-) relevance of the famous "big eight" of the League of Greater Paris. In line with the planner Marc Wiel, whose studies had been published by the network of the Institute of Urbanism in Paris , the conclusion of Jean-Pierre Orfeuil is clear:

" These are the institutional, fiscal and tariff, and the principles of governance that are causing major problems with the current system. They now led to ask more and more in a context of limited public resources. Doing the "public transport network of Greater Paris" returns, as shown, to invent great new features to a computer whose operating system is corrupted. The realization of this network in an "ecosystem" unchanged, will only aggravate the situation, with important consequences both political (the populists who denounced the mismanagement) and economic (capital of a region weakened by its structural costs).


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