Friday, May 29, 2009

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Greater Paris: Who are the new professionals of magic? By Marc Wiel, Planner

town planner Marc Wiel delivers a critical analysis of bias "strategic" the 10 international teams mandated by the Elysee to think the Grand Paris 2030.
While welcoming the intellectual intensity generated by the process, his analysis clearly demonstrates that the only challenge to the urban zoning regulations is not sufficient to absorb the social and functional specialization and territorial segregation Urban underlying it. Facilitated mobility, privileged under the transport plan, is equally responsible. In these circumstances, the deregulation of urban planning code, recommendation echoed by Nicolas Sarkozy, remains a fantasy of architect.
Conversely, according to Marc Wiel, "it becomes necessary to develop tax systems of mobility and locations that play a regulatory role in order to fight against excessive concentration of business and social segregation Habitat. " But "the failure of the institutional system to pool resources to harmonize financial management policies and displacement "feeds the mechanisms of land segregation. Hence the urgent need to reform the governance of metropolitan Paris. A question yet deliberately referred to "indefinitely" by Nicolas Sarkozy.

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