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Bill Greater Paris: Ile politicians worried about re-centralization

After holding two ministerial meetings, the government's intentions become clearer about the "Greater Paris". Preliminary studies on infrastructure transport of Greater Paris will be launched soon. At first, Bill, prepared by Christian Blanc, Secretary of State for Development of the Capital Region, will be forwarded to local authorities for consultation "at during the month of September, before its adoption by the Council of Ministers ", Matignon announced, following an interministerial meeting on 27 August.

According Monitor " Christian Blanc launch without waiting for the preliminary studies on the pattern of transport, for a public debate in early 2010 . These studies will be undertaken based on the expertise of the RATP, who was appointed to office in the draft law as "infrastructure manager". terms of "governance", broadly Bill would be adopted, including the creation of a public institution responsible for project management of major transport infrastructure. This will also public institutions that provide project management of large areas within the perimeter of the future bypass tube. Is the magnitude of this area, initially set at 1500 m, which aroused the most concern in the communities concerned.

Two specific contractual arrangements with local communities are considered : "contracts of urban development" and "strategic territorial projects" on the whole territory of the region Ile-de-France (including the future establishment of public Saclay, called "Paris-Saclay). Article 18 of the bill specifies that these urban development contracts "may be concluded between the state on one hand and institutions Public intercommunal cooperation with responsibility for economic development and housing or planning or municipalities " .

In addition, procedures for exceptions to planning rules are being considered around stations. The state could even reserve land control. Financing side, the first tracks for transport should be known after the submission of the final member of the Val-de-Marne Gilles Carrez, scheduled for September. The Prime Minister said " the interest of approach overall cost (investment and operation) and a scheduled completion at a steady pace "schema's transportation future Grand Paris.

Many voices, including the presidents of the General Council of Val de Marne and Essonne is are already hearing to challenge the philosophy of this bill which would have amounted, according to them, a takeover by radical state of affairs of the Ile de France: " A flashback unacceptable and a danger to local democracy " and " real demolition company's land rights and the rights and guarantees inhabitants of the territories concerned " said in a statement Press Christian Favier, President of the General Council of Val de Marne. Even as Region and STIF has already committed more than $ 25 million worth of funding school for metro project in bypass Arc Express , that some local franciliennes studying for over a year the feasibility of urban integration of future sections of the bypass, the formation of a "Society of Greater Paris" (a public industrial and commercial whose majority shareholder is the state) to make the transportation system is regarded as a true "Trojan horse" by some elected officials.

Source: ADCF Direct, No. 519, September 4, 2009

> For more information, download Bill (in its version of August 28, 2009) on the blog of Peter Mansat: 07/70/PM4/PM5/Loi-Gd-Paris_28-ao-t09-2-.pdf


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