Sunday, November 15, 2009

Milena Velda Striming

An article in Le Monde diplo on mobility in the Greater Paris (planners are finally hearing some discussion in metropolitan )

While debates on the Greater Paris fester in this pre-election period of regional charm and seems no longer operate between our architects and the Government ( see the recent releases of New Members and Chemetov against Christian Blanc ), we should point out (with some satisfaction) the publication of an article rehabilitating the expertise of planners . Signed Marc Endeweld and appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique, it sheds light on the relevant topic of mobility in the Greater Paris.

Title "Fracture social mobility " , the paper addresses issues of accessibility to employment centers in the Ile-de-France and questions the relevance of transport policy focused on new infrastructure and speed (current solution favored by Christian Blanc). The dialectic of " to city " or " done quickly ", conceptualized by our colleague, Marc Wiel Is well posed. Because the real issue is that of urban functionality you want to play the transportation system .
particularly well informed, the article relies on strong references and in particular on the expertise of planners mobility specialists from the Planning Institute of Paris ( Jean-Pierre Orfeuil , Sandrine Wenglenski , Lawrence Davezies ) .


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