Monday, May 18, 2009

Can Hardly Bend Painful Big Toe

Greater Paris Ile-de-France : ADCF takes the position

Assembly of Communities of France (partner Network of the Institute of Urbanism in Paris) has always been conscious of the need for legislative adjustments to the peculiarities of the "dense zone" of the Ile de France. She called for special treatment of its institutional organization and participated in discussions with several scenarios in 2007 at its congress in Paris.

Recently (March 30), the ADCF invited elected officials and community leaders at the Paris Senate to discuss the prospects of territorial restructuring in metropolitan Paris and share perspectives on developments financial and institutional communities of Ile-de-France.

for a position, after the debate, was adopted by the Board of Directors ADCF May 14, 2009. It formalizes concrete ways of improving the governance of the "heart of the metropolis."


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