Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Housing Crisis: Senator Philippe Dallier does not consider credible Nicolas Sarkozy's proposal to deregulate the right planning and intermunicipal

A "Indiscreet" from the weekly The Gazette Commons, the proposal of the President of the Republic "deregulate the planning law" is not deemed credible by the Senator-Mayor of Seine-Saint-Denis Philippe Dallier. Resuming on its behalf by the Head of State during his speech on the Greater Paris on 29 April, the recommendation was put forward by the team of architect Jean Nouvel as the remedy to the housing crisis. The argument? The villains Planners managers land law would constrain urban development, not allowing "Archis" express their creative talent (obviously benefactor to house people ...).
Simplistic a shortcut that has not escaped the Senator Philippe Dallier, known for his positions "maverick" on the Greater Paris: "When I heard that it was sufficient to deregulate urban planning law to build 70,000 homes a year in the Ile-de-France, I wanted to m'esclaffer. Until we have a local Habitat of Greater Paris, we will not succeed " , reportedly said Philippe Dallier, who knows his subject well enough to have signed several report on housing policy (the latest was for the implementation of DALO) and another (highly acclaimed) on "the institutional future of the Paris area" .

On the deregulation of urban
In full parliamentary debate on the Grenelle Environment Forum which recasts considerable urban planning code, this control policy leaves puzzled over a planner! On
Philippe Dallier
These remarks, reported by The Gazette , undoubtedly express the disappointment of the Senator and Mayor of Flags-sous-Bois relegated to see the Head of State the issue of governance of the city (at least) after 2012 ( "Our successors will do that ..." the president said of the Republic). Philippe Dallier argues effect for over a year to overhaul the governance of the heart of the city. But institutional solutions he proposes are not found support among elected Ile (see the proposal, rather close to his, the Balladur report on the Greater Paris).


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