Sunday, March 15, 2009

Inners For Running Shoes

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had the pleasure of hearing at the debate we Organized June 12, 2008 at CNAM : economist Frederic Gilli, Deputy Director of the Chair of Sciences Po and City editor of the prestigious Land Tenure Review , has partnered with urban planner and political scientist Jean-Marc Offner (Latts director from 2000 to 2008 and next director of the agency's planning Bordeaux) to sign an outstanding contribution to the Greater Paris . Urba + highly recommend reading their book, Paris, the metropolis outside the walls . Develop and govern a Greater Paris , published earlier this year at Sciences Po Press Very well researched and robust (in 6 chapters consistent), this book discusses the genesis of this major political issue (re) set the agenda in 2007 by the President of the Republic. A very detailed analysis is proposed to us on major metropolitan (urban planning, mobility, housing, economic development) and a decryption system healthy players Ile (relations between the state and communities, X-ray structures of trade union cooperation intercommunal, repositories of public action, etc..). At a time when stirs political debate (Balladur proposals), this contribution is timely.

Read the review of the planner Xavier Desjardins "Paris, a time away from land maneuvers, the Ile delay in structuring inter-becomes a central object of" land reform ", since become major figure in the complexity of urban governance. Jean-Marc Offner and Frederic Gilli, in the first part of their work, patiently unravel the origins and institutional difficulties in the activities of the different actors, distinguish artificial postures and cyclical real political opposition and institutional ". Read reading record Xavier Desjardins on

Paris, a city outside the walls. Develop and govern a Greater Paris, and Jean Frederic Gilli Mark Offner, Presses de Sciences Po, New Collection debates, January 2009 [ISBN: 272461092X]


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