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Greater Paris and local urban management

Assembly of Communities of France (ADCF), who welcomed the inter-institutional consecration of the fact in the report Balladur (officially handed this Thursday, March 5) has also been very reserved on the scenario proposed by the Committee for the reform of local government with regard to the Greater Paris. This can be read in its note reaction to the report of former Prime Minister
"The ADCF has always been conscious of the need for adjustments laws to singularities of the "dense zone" of the Ile de France. She called for special treatment of its institutional organization and participated in discussions with several scenarios in 2007 at its congress in Paris. More recently, the Balladur report opted for a scenario similar to that advocated by the report of Senator Dallier, namely the establishment of a community sui generis nature of supra-communal, following the merger of four councils in the area dense but also the absorption of intercommunal skills (technical unions or communities) or municipal (local development plans). Beyond the political challenges of such an option, it raises real issues of governance.
1. It is prohibited to the mayors of Grand Paris possibility of intermunicipal cooperation.
2. She does not associate the mayors authority to operate the Greater Paris (unlike the Greater London) while depriving them of important skills (planning, housing, waste, water, transport ...)
3. It leads to the formation of two communities 'supra-local' competitors (Grand Paris and Ile de France) and a predictable conflict of leadership.
4. It offers a perimeter that many informed observers see as too vast to manage services proximity but too narrow to define the major strategies of the urban physical (transport, economic development, planning ...) because it excludes major structural poles (Roissy, Orly, Saclay, Cergy ...) the polycentric model pursued since Delouvrier. "

To prolong the reflection, ADCF invites elected officials and community leaders the Paris next March 30 the Senate to discuss the prospects of territorial restructuring in metropolitan Paris and share perspectives on developments financial and institutional communities of Ile-de-France.
Greater Paris Town Planners soon deliver its own analysis on the ins and outs of the proposal Balladur.
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