Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Edouard Balladur now suggests an urban community as "transitional solution"

Edouard Balladur suggested Tuesday, March 10, 2009, during his hearing by Senators, for the establishment of an urban community of Paris. This track takes alternative after the "uproar" caused by his proposal to merge the four departments of Paris and inner suburbs to form a singular community of "Greater Paris" supra-local in nature. The Head of State who has himself expressed skepticism, Edouard Balladur proposes an alternative based on a logic of cooperation between municipalities. "We must organize an intermunicipal strong in the small crown , he said, noting in passing that there had been, during recent years, effort and political will to create a urban community around Paris while "Ile-de-France is the region where intercommunal is the least developed in France, especially in the inner suburbs." "Maybe a temporary solution would be to create an urban community" waiting to reach the solution proposed in his report, he suggested.


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