Monday, October 18, 2010

My Scrotum Is Peeling

Bloggers fall 2010

Hard to start a blog!

Of the 29 students in my class this fall 2010, 22 have submitted an address and wrote a few tickets so far. He had yet to start from 20th September ...

So here are the addresses of these bloggers . Most are in their first experience while others are already broken . There among these blogs gems. I leave you to discover ...

quiet Evolution (Bombardier)

1001 reasons to holler (Jani Bouchard)

My view ... (Eric Duguay)

From point A to point B (Christine Emond)

Renaud Émond

News as seen on Céline (Céline Fabre)

& Claudine me (Claudine)

Gourmet Chronicles (Danielle Guillemette)

Opinion opinionated ( Andrée-Lyne)

Marjorie's Closet (Marjorie)

Inside the mind of a fashionista ( Karine Laparé)

Littépop (Mireille Lavigne )

Litchee martini and companion (Amelie Lemieux)

all kinds to make a world (ML)

Tags Lost and Found (Claudia Lupu)

Art for the man ( Virginia Maltais)

Local Montreal (Frederick N.)

I think so ... (Johanna)

Apprentice single master blogger (Miss K.)

How to (re) fall in love with Montreal (Miss A.)

Caisse Desjardins De Lorimier, (Marie-France Theobald) 09/desjardins-a-lechelle-internationale.html

Happy reading!



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