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Christian Blanc, "we will not make architecture before urbanism"

In an interview with Paris , Christian White explains his vision for the Greater Paris in 2024. He is convinced that the dynamics of Greater Paris and its projects may give the French capital in the heart of world capitalism and bring the Olympics on the banks of the Seine, 100 years later. And of course, as evidenced by reading the bill on the Greater Paris, in the end considered by Parliament, the strategy is to bet on the ring road transport, metro automatic " We Metro then have the world's best: the double loop a fully automated system - secure, so - driving at 60 or 80 km / h on 130 miles serving 40 stations (a little more, with those of the Meteor line, the backbone of its radial line that crosses Paris): None capital in the world have the equivalent. In thirty or forty years Paris will be a major platform for global economic activities " . Excerpts:

  • In Place transport infrastructure in the SDRIF: "... Fran├žois Fillon him (Jean-Paul Huchon) wrote to tell him that his master plan" lacked ambition ". But he has always nothing changed. It is unlikely that a project for the capital region has no links with airports, or junction with future interconnection TGV stations - which is progressing well - and even less with the Wed .. A heresy for a great capital of the world! "

  • On the financing of the double loop automatic metro: Paris Match - And the League of Greater Paris, there Will there a new Haussmann in his head? You? Christian Blanc
    "The president of the League of Greater Paris is more like a Fulgence Bienvenue, the creator of the Paris Metro! When asked when the repayments would be completed, he replied: "In 1973!" I checked the last installment was paid a decade earlier. Our debt to the large loop will take approximately forty years. " And how do you repay this huge cost of 21.4 billion euros? Where will the revenue?, Asked Paris Match.
    In valuing property, royalties from commercial activity stations, which become real businesses, and the toll paid back by the company operation, the transport authority of Ile-de-France, which will be handed infrastructure in thirteen years " says Christian Blanc.

  • On its layout and urban integration : Paris Match - It will serve living areas or "fields of potatoes"? Christian White - "But it is nonsense monstrous to peddle it as fact Huchon! Within a radius of 1.5 kilometers around the future stations, there are 5 million people. These are potatoes? I said one day to the Assembly. Since then I have not heard that expression. Around 2 million Parisians intramural there are 7 million people. This figure is added to the population of the 14 largest French cities, from Marseille to Cannes via Nice. They have all, or almost a stadium, train station, an opera, etc.. And local transport. If we can pool in a great city all these types of equipment - in "high places ", as some architects draw, or about" polarity "- this should maximize the quality of life. And we see the absolute necessity of a network very efficient, very fast, working round the clock. The Big Dig is the bloodstream of Greater Paris. "

  • International Workshop on the Greater Paris : "

    All architects of the consultation will be in the scientific council of the International Workshop of Greater Paris. But we will not make architecture prior planning. This is what differentiates me of Jean Nouvel ... (...)

    I respect his talent, he's a genius of architectural design, but it does not really for a planner with his colleagues. "

Greater Paris Town Planners recommends re-focus "this metropolitan vision" in referring to analysis Marc Wiel, published on the website Urba of + / Network Planning Institute of Paris .


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