Saturday, May 29, 2010

Letter Of Request For Church Activities

Lets see Webcom 2010 (spring)

At its 8th edition, and for the first time since its inception, the event Webcom had an entire track RP 2.0 .

Hopefully it is a historic decision by the organizers. And most importantly, that the professional public relations there will always respond with enthusiasm (either as speakers or participants). The challenges of Web 2.0 are too high ...

I wish to thank sincerely the first speaker to have lent RP 2.0 in the exercise: Mario Asselin , Pierre Bellerose , Martine DORV l Mylène Forget , Benedict Archbishop and Serge Leclerc .

The U.S. advisor Shonali Burke and Matt Moore (head honcho of the contents of Webcom) also contributed significantly.

Thanks also to participants who turned out in large numbers. This is about me first successful, especially when you consider the other tracks Webcom that offered the usual programming of the most noted.

Below is a short interview with Marc-André Lanciault , the sympathetic collaborator Christian Aubry ( the amicalmant ) at the end of my day Webcom (duration 8 minutes approx.)

By early evening, several speakers found themselves in a restaurant in Old Montreal. I could sympathize with a lot of people all as bright as each other which Sean Power, Jimmy Wales and Katheline Jean-Pierre , among others ...

Here is a photo taken by Naomi Lipowski of Pelmorex Media , late evening and after a little show of magician offered at the table by his spouse Lyndon Jaramillo ( qué tal hombre ?). What we did not know it Jimmy Wales also had a little magic trick for us ... (We laughed a lot!)

The photo I'm in the middle of Sean Power and Jimmy Wales (the chance that the photo is taken from a cell, it was already late enough as it ...) :

Sean Power, for those who do not know, is a specialist degree. Here is his presentation at Webcom (designed in collaboration with Alistair Croll):
presentations of other speakers (including mine here on SlideShare) should be online at Webcom, very soon.

Thanks for reading!

Patrice Leroux


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