Thursday, September 23, 2010

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editing and sharing little-known Web 2.0

is rediscovering SlideShare presentation of Isabelle Dremeau ( skoden / Training open to distance Britain) called Web 2.0 by three clicks I came across a similar presentation but much more recent (August 2010). In fact, this is an update of the first.

It presents a set of tools for editing and sharing little known but 2.0 quite effective and robust. They are free (mostly) and easy to understand. Many do not require registration beforehand but others do.
Some applications to look more closely ...

Share / Send

You want to deposit and share a file quickly? It's easy
through the three stages of Share / Send: choose a file, upload, share the link created.

Here is a link created with Share / Send leading directly to my presentation (PowerPoint) entitled Twitter: The Phenomenon (2) , 23 September 2010.

No registration required. The file is destroyed after 60 days of inactivity (if no one has downloaded the file in question).

This message will self-destruct in a few seconds ...
Does this sound like he's old episodes of Mission Impossible 60s and 70s?
We write a note (text) and we get the link to send. Once the message is read by our destination, he self-destructs ...

TitanPad (collaboration tool)

This tool allows multiple people to work simultaneously on a single written document.


Want to write notes, a notebook or a diary in a completely confidential and secure ? It is between you and the cloud ...


Remember that part of an audio file (mp3) to obtain a sound effect in your blog or a ringing telephone? Possible. But beware, if you're wrong, we must start all over again ...


Video / Audio 30 seconds max. (For free) from the camera to your computer ... To send a short video message soon!

Imgur ( Image -er)

To remove and share images easily and build albums fairly anonymous.


get the pronunciation of a word, phrase or short text in your language choice and quite natural. Moreover, with a little money, you can download an mp3 audio in question.

Several "packages" offered including that of 715 characters (47 seconds of audio approximately) cost 5 euros.


Patrice Leroux


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