Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things Inside A Fire Cart

The Nestlé and Greenpeace: the first great crisis of the Web in real time

This is probably the first major crisis "Web in real time" of 2010 with Facebook as a backdrop.

We particularly remember the awkwardness of this episode and the amateurism of Nestlé concerning its media management social and especially, reactions in its own site Facebook ...

Here is a very good chronology of events by Scott Douglas with his presentation style prez (Nestlé kerfuffle).

Direct link because the media tag did not work well with Blogger .. .

But the gold medal of the synthesis, analysis and most importantly, recommendations back once more, Olivier Blanchard (dixit The BrandBuilder ).

Any professional or student of public relations should play the first and the second part of this post.

vs. Greenpeace. Nestle: How to make sure your Facebook page doesn't become a PR trojan horse- Part 1

Voici quelques-unes de mes citations favorites de la première partie de son billet:

"The real time web isn’t a joke. Take it seriously and you’ll probably be okay. Hire amateurs, and suffer the consequences. It’s that simple."

"There comes a point when comms are just comms, and the dialog has to move beyond well crafted words and community appeasement. Listening and talking are just the beginning. Action is the best way to silence your detractors." 

"Comms could be used to open a dialog, find some common ground, and begin a process of collaboration: Nestle knows food production. Greenpeace knows environmentally sound practices. It seems that they could both learn a lot from each other. (And no, I am not being naive.)"

"As with all cracks in the armor, if Nestle left itself so vulnerable in the digital space, where else is it dropping the ball? What other parts of the organization are operating on auto-pilot?"

La seconde partie du billet est une oeuvre educational in itself. Olivier Blanchard stressed the beautiful is "crisis management Facebook 101", say it gives a little more than that, it's the least we can say ...

It shows step by step, and arguments in support, how Nestlé should (could) handle the overflow of bitterness on his Facebook site ...

that More a lesson 101, a professional seminar ...

Please read the !

Here is a screenshot saved on Wednesday March 31, 2010 late in the day. It illustrates some of the tone of the comments ...

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