Wednesday, February 3, 2010


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I am pleased to inform you that the vast majority of students during REP2400 Internet and public relations have created their own blog. Most have even started to write tickets. First fundamental criterion: choose a topic that interests them if they are passionate ...

I invite you to discover new blogs always surprising, often eclectic but never banal. Of course, I thank you encourage them by leaving your comments, if any.

So here, in alphabetical order, a new community of bloggers and bloggers!

Matilda B. The actions of French in Montreal

Veronica B. Phenomena fashion and other delusions

Angelique B. Culture Shock

Estelle B. Estelle Bedard

Dominique B. The diners

Myriam B. The Louves

Frédérike C. FYIAS

George C. The city's chronic

Darlene D. Miss Dada

Caroline G. My Phylactère

Katrina G. What Would presley do?

Myriam G. Flamingo and television

Nathan J. Truth or truths

William L. Making a chance

Brigitte L. And Tutti quanti

mixed Marianne LP Parties

Emma L. Current Affairs

Catherine SC Saauna

Isabelle M. you, okay?

Manuela P. Truths and / or lies

Dorothy P. Around the World in 80 blogs

Aurélie P. At the heart of the Inter @ ction

Raphael P. TTYF

Josée P. Self Incidentally

Aminata S. Sally Samb

Karim S. Karim's Meal of the Day

Marie-Douce S. Goodness Nutrition

Catherine SPB Skydiving for Dummies

TN Thara The chronik a girl in town

VO The sweet Rosalie Rosalie

Casually, there in a good 31! Thank you and happy reading!

Patrice Leroux


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